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Are you weighing up the various pros and cons of home help, and alternatives like going into a dedicated care home, or simply relying on family and friends? In this latest post, as part of our ongoing blog series targeted at current and prospective clients in Ewell and surrounding Surrey locales, we’ve looked at some of the unique advantages home help offers. If you’ve already decided that home care is for you, or you’d like to enquire about the care jobs / care assistant jobs that we have available in Ewell and wider Surrey, pick up the phone and call the friendly team at Crystal Care on 01737 361 780.

The Benefits That Home Help Can Afford You

Familiar Environment – Receiving care at home ensures you’re comfortable with your surroundings; this familiarity can take weeks, months, years or simply never emerge at all with care homes. Some Ewell clients with cognitive conditions like dementia, can really benefit from having a consistent and familiar environment which helps calm the mind – the same plates, the same cups, the same furniture and faces.

Tailored Care – When you choose a home help specialist like Crystal Care, covering Ewell and wider Surrey, you’ll receive a bespoke care plan that takes into consideration your unique set of needs. It ensures you can go about your daily life as you did before receiving care, but with that helping set of hands to pitch in as and when you need them! When advertising care jobs / care assistant jobs, we make sure to fill our ranks with friendly, trained staff so we can always meet these needs.

Independence – With home care, you maintain your independence in a way not possible when entering a care home; it’s still your home, and you still receive visitors whenever you’d like, with no fuss. You can still roam about wherever you’d like, and adhere to your own daily schedule. Simply put, home help lets you carry on with life how you like it.Availability – Our care jobs and care assistant jobs are advertised in Ewell and its surrounds, ensuring that our carers are just a stone’s throw from you; we provide round the clock care, seven days a week, ensuring that if you need assistance even in the dead of night or on a busy public holiday – we’ll be with you in no time at all.

Professional Care – Many Ewell residents receive basic care and help from family or close friends, and it’s heart-warming to see communities come together when individuals are in need. But long-term, these can really take their strain on relationships. With professional home care you receive ultra-reliable, scheduled care from highly trained individuals who’ve long been working in care jobs and care assistant jobs. Family and friends can still provide that companionship you need, of course – but with a safety net in the form of professional home help.

For a consultation with our home care specialists, who cover Ewell and wider Surrey, call the Crystal Care team today on 01737 361780.