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There are many people in Banstead, Surrey and the wider UK who receive home care, or know someone that does; their understanding of how home help functions, and what’s involved in care assistant jobs / care jobs is often well formed as a result. But there are many others who are less familiar with the ins and outs of the industry…

As such, there are still a fair few misconceptions or home care “myths” that we’ve heard circulate. In this latest Crystal Care blog post, we’ve looked to dispel these and provide the truth while we’re at it!

Home Care Myths, Busted

Home Care is “One Size Fits All”

The home help we provide clients in Banstead and the wider Surrey area is distinctly bespoke; it takes into consideration the individual’s unique needs, their daily routine and what would most best benefit them. One of our carers might visit an individual who wishes for company and help with paperwork, while another might be providing round-the-clock sitting for a dementia patient. During our initial consultation we’ll identify your needs and provide a detailed home care plan to meet them.

Home Care is Free

Social care is different to health care; while the latter is free of charge with the NHS, the former is usually offered by private services or sometimes, local authority/charity run initiatives. While we hope that one day social care will be available to all, for free, depending on your financial situation you may be required to pay for your care. This money is invested in ensuring our care jobs and care assistant jobs are filled with the best possible carers, and that Crystal Care can help an increasing proportion of those in need around Banstead and Surrey.

Care Assistant Jobs Are Low Skill

Where this myth came from, we don’t know! But unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear. Providing effective care requires a number of skills, ranging from practical medical knowledge to interpersonal and emotional intelligence. Care jobs / care assistant jobs can be tough, and when you’re dealing with people’s well-being, the stakes are high; as such those we recruit for home care and home help positions in Banstead and its surrounds are trained, DBS checked and personable folk who are excellent at their work!

Local Authorities Provide Home Care

Due to cuts to public services, councils will typically only offer funded home care to those in dire need; they have a strict framework and assessment guidelines that dictate what qualifies as urgent need for care. This is why so many find themselves needing to seek private home care or home help from a provider like Crystal Care in Banstead.

Are you in Banstead or elsewhere in Surrey and considering bringing in professional home help? Call Crystal Care for a consultation! You can reach us on 01737 361780.